Jason Maybruck: Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!

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Jason Maybruck: Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!. Three pieces of promotional art from the 2012 film Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!. Acrylic on canvas, signed Jason Maybruck, dated 2005 verso. Good luck note from the film's writer and director Mike Messier, and possible quote from the film written on back. Fair condition, some paint loss around edges. 14x11 in Unframed.

Mixed media, stencil of a man's face on Masonite. Possible signature, and title Horacio verso. Dated 2011. Good condition. 15.5x12 in Unframed.

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!, acrylic on board, unsigned. Good condition, some grime on surface, small chip in one corner. 12x10 in Unframed.

Very good condition.