Female Figure, Atti/Akan, Ivory Coast

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Atti/Akan People, Ivory Coast, West Africa: Figure of a seated woman carrying a vessel on her head, mid 20th Century. Carved wood, kaolin pigment, beads.

This is an appealing classic example of Atti sculpture, with a typical elongation and rendering of the body as a set of discrete, crisply delineated volumes.

Atti sculptors make figures of this type to be placed on shrines used by members of various all-male secret societies. The barrel the figure is holding over its head represents an offering of gunpowder or other contents of value to the society.

DIMENSIONS: 23.25"H x 4.75 "W x 6"D

PROVENANCE: Private collection.

CONDITION: Good condition with evidence of handling and age. Pigment loss, minor repairs to the base and stool.