Epa Helmet Mask w/Animals, Yoruba, Nigeria

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Epa Helmet Mask with Animals, Yoruba People, Nigeria. Carved and polychromed wood, mid 20th Century. The mask comes with a custom-made steel display stand.

Epa masks feature a large abstracted helmet-head with a superstructure of multiple animals. On this mask, the helmet has dual (Janus) faces decorated with geometrically arranged blue and white dots. Above, a chicken rests on the back of a leopard attacking an antelope. A smaller bird balances on the leopard's tail, which morphs into a snake.

An Epa masked dancer is the first to appear in Epa Masquerade Festivals. It is also referred to as Oloko, Lord of the Farm.

A comparable mask from the William Wright Collection may be seen in African Art Masterpieces by George Nelson Preston, Page 36, Plate 9.

DIMENSIONS: 54"H x 17"D x 14"W

PROVENANCE: Private collection.

CONDITION: Good condition with evidence of handling and age.