Mwana Pwo Mask, Chokwe People, D.R. Congo/Zaire

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Chokwe People, D.R. Congo/Zaire: Mwana Pwo Mask, carved wood with light brown skin tone and dark brown hair, scarification/tribal marks and eyebrows, mid 20th century. It has a fine patina and the attachment holes along the rim show staining from moisture/sweat.

The mask depicts a female, referred to as pwo (mwana pwo). It shows facial features considered desirable by the Chokwe: filed teeth, abstract scarification, and a swept-forward coiffure. It is a dance mask, and would be accompanied by a male counterpart. Together, they symbolize power.

Dimensions: 15H x 8W x 10.25D (inches)

Provenance: From the private collection of a Massachusetts Gentleman.