Musicians w/Balafon, Dogon People, Mali

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Dogon People, Mali: Balafon players, carved wood, heavily encrusted with the patina of libations.  Early 20th century. The figures bear the features common to Dogon sculpture: Arrow-shaped noses; long necks; severely square shoulders; beards and traditional coiffures, head-wear and multiple arm bands, and hermaphroditic attributes. On their backs are stylized children.

Balafon musicians performed light entertainment in markets, at weddings and other events, and at schools. Their music is often accompanied by instructional, historic or amusing songs.

A comparable sculpture of balafon players is illustrated in AFRICA, ART OF A CONTINENT, by Prestel, page 510, plate 6.22.

Dimensions: 17H x 10W x 9.5D (inches)

Provenance: From the private collection of a Massachusetts Gentleman.