Kple-Kple Goli Mask w/Elaborate Horns, Baule, Ivory Coast

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Baule people, Ivory Coast: Kple-Kple Goli mask with an elaborate display of horns and a miniature mask held aloft by a figure within the horns. Carved wood, early 20th century. This carved wood mask does not represent a single, identifiable animal. It is composed of elements from different animals and represents a "bush spirit," emphasizing that it has no counterpart on earth. The Kple-Kple mask, worn by a young person at the start of the dance series is known as Goli, announces the appearance of the powerful Golin Glin (Masks representing strength and ancestors). The face of Kple-Kple masks are circular and always topped by horns. However, this one is topped by a second miniature mask, which is quite atypical. Furthermore, the horns are remarkably long and curved, such as those of the ram. These horns connect it to the Nyamye, the god creator.

Dimensions: 26.5H x 11W x 8D (inches)

Provenance: From the private collection of a Massachusetts Gentleman.