Large Ceremonial Mask, Batcham People, Cameroon

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Large Ceremonial Mask, Batcham People, Cameroon, early twentieth century. Carved wood with pigments. This unusually horizontal example of a Tsesah from the Bamileke culture in the western Grasslands of Cameroon is designed on a symmetrical vertical axis with chiseled furrows, stylized eyes, lips, nostrils, an ovular mouth with multiple teeth and swollen cheeks The mask depicts a hippopotamus emerging from watery depths, conveying nature’s power conferred to enthroned royalty. The mask comes with a custom made steel display stand.

DIMENSIONS: 28"H x 34"W x 12"D; 55"H on stand.

PROVENANCE: Private collection.

CONDITION: Patinated, aged with some material and pigment losses.